Strategy Formulation and Execution

MSME Growth Focused Strategy Formulation and Deployment

India is an economy of MSMEs. Large Organizations and Multi-National Companies heavily rely on Small and Medium Organizations. These MSMEs complement these Large Organizations and MNCs, as ancillary unit for intermediary products, sub-components or for fulfilling part service needs.

Every Organization aspires to grow into a large unit and deliver value to its shareholders. High-powered Organizations garner and exhibit capabilities and capacities to take risks in their businesses, with their people and processes. In Medium and Small Scale Enterprises, where most have just enough resources to manage their core business operation, any management decision taken without adequate validation may result in a ripple impact harming its top line and bottom line.

Having worked closely with over 23 Small and Medium Scale Enterprises and having successfully transformed several of them, we at Life Skills Consultants Private Limited understand the requirements an aspiring Small and Medium Organization has. We understand the principles and nitty-gritties on which MSMEs base their business fundamentals.

Our proprietary Growth Focused Strategy Formulation and Deployment model described, as “Intent to Delivery” is a Three-step business Transformation model customized to deliver significant value to a Small and Medium Scale Organization.

Step 1
It starts with capturing the aspirations of the Entrepreneur/MD/CEO of the Company.

Step 2
Second step is to align the business aspirations of the Entrepreneur/MD/CEO of the company with those of his/her Management team and internal stakeholders.

This alignment exercise is the most crucial step to build the Strategy Roadmap for Business Growth.

Our Strategic Business Transformation experts facilitate a Strategy Formulation session with the Core Management Team/Internal Influencers and the Entrepreneur/CEO/MD of the Organization. The Strategy Roadmap clearly helps the MSME’s Driving Team spell key actions and prioritize them with timelines, basis the impact of each action on delivering the business aspirations spelt in Step 1.

Step 3
MSMEs need handholding and we understand this facet extremely well. With limited resources and already stretched with delivering existing day-to-day operational expectations, the Key Team benefits immensely by driving the well-intended and derived strategic interventions in Step 2 with external assistance and guidance.

We commit ourselves to our customers and work closely with their teams to deploy most suited solutions for the business.

Business and Leadership Coaching for Young Entrepreneurs

India is emerging as the hub for Entrepreneurship. Young and dynamic people are either taking charge of their family business or are working on laying the foundation for their startups.

Business comes with a lot of complexities, extremely dynamic and competitive market scenarios with frequent unimagined and new challenges. Therefore emerges the need for a trusted partner – Life Skills Consultants Private Limited - to provide valuable insights to manage business.

Young Entrepreneur Coaching Program provides the much-needed facilitation to entrepreneurs seeking answers to questions like

- Is my business moving in right direction?
- Is my business planning robust enough?
- Are my people aligned to the business aspirations?
- What should be my core strategy to improve my customer and revenue market share?
- Am I doing enough to reduce the operational challenges I keep facing?
- Is my financial management robust enough to cover all business risks?
- Is my team clear of the Organizational expectations from them and could their performance deliverables be further enhanced?
- Is my team demonstrating synergy in their working?
- Are my customers and business partners well-engaged?
- How am I expected to execute my business plan for efficient implementation?
- Am I an effective leader?
- How to engage people to get best of everyone?
- How am I supposed to transform my Organization into a self-managed entity?

Our business coaches shadow entrepreneurs at their place of work for committed number of days to ensure they help solve business issues right at the place where they emerge thus offering hands-on learning to the entrepreneurs.