Operational Excellence Training, Deployment and Certification

Lean Thinking Training, Deployment and Certification

More than 1500 Middle and Senior Managers across various Service and Manufacturing Organizations and from Small Businesses to Large Corporations have benefitted from our Lean Certification and Training programs. Often, Lean Thinking application is associated with the Manufacturing industry. However, the principles of Lean are applicable to all Sectors and functions. Our customized workshops designed specifically for Corporates provide Simulation-Based Learning and are well acknowledged for delivering tangible business results.

Some of the participants who have benefitted out of our Lean Thinking workshops are from Organizations such as ITC Limited, Snapdeal, Essar Limited, Helios Towers, Oando PLC, All Cargo, Luxor, Softage Information technology, Becton Dickinson and Co and Tata DoCoMo.

Life Skills Consultants Private Limited deploys some of the finest Lean Experts to train you on Lean Tools and Techniques. Our Simulation-Based Training methodology ensures greater understanding of the Lean Concepts. We provide mentoring support to all participants of our Lean Training program throughout the course of their process improvement projects.

Experience an application-based learning from the very best in the business of Lean Training and Certification.

A snapshot of our two days Lean Thinking workshop content is as follows:

Day 1

Day 2

  • Creating Business Strategy linkage to Business Critical Processes

  • Why Lean?

  • Lean Thinking – Customer Need from a process

  • Toyota’s Lean principles

  • Overview of 5S-Foundation of Lean

  • Introduction to Lean Tools

    • 7 Wastes

    • Poka Yoke

    • Visual management

    • Standard Work Management

    • Cell Concept

    • Single piece and batch flow

    • Push and Pull System

    • Heijunka

    • Jidoka

  • Simulation on application of Lean Tools

  • Introduction to VSM (Value Stream Mapping)

  • Creating the End to End Process Value Stream

  • Understanding VA/NVA

  • Understanding Lead Time ladder

  • Identifying Kaizen

  • 5 Why – Root Cause Identification Methodologies

  • Process Value Streams for identified business processes

  • CEO/MD Business Dashboards and Review Structure – 4 Quadrant Approach

The workshop provides an in-depth understanding of the Lean Thinking fundamentals and is delivered through a series of activities, business simulations and focused discussions based on operational challenges we face in our day-to-day workplace.

Six Sigma Training, Deployment and Certification

Six Sigma Training & Certification provides you with a thorough knowledge of Six Sigma Philosophies and Principles (including supporting systems and tools). Six Sigma tools and techniques have universal application, whether it is the service industry or manufacturing

Six Sigma is a Change Management initiative and it’s not just about gaining knowledge about statistical tools. Apart from the DMAIC rigor, our Six Sigma Certification programs also equip participants to manage various challenges, which are likely to encounter during their journey to deploy strategic and operational change initiatives. We provide handholding for up-to 12 months after completing the program to all our participants wherein they can share their queries and discuss various issues being faced throughout their project start till completion.

Our Six Sigma Master Black Belts have worked on several business transformation initiatives across functions like Sales, Finance, Supply Chain, Technology, Customer Service, Product Development, Production, IT and Human Resources. They have mentored more than 500 Green Belt and Black Belt Projects across various Organizations delivering tangible business benefits of over 640 Mn INR.

We have created several learning options for Middle and Senior Management professionals interested in enhancing their career by being a business and operational excellence expert.

3 Days Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Program

5 Days Six Sigma Black Belt Certification program

Our certification is a testimony of successful understanding of Six Sigma methodology and ability to drive change in any Organization.