Revenue Growth and Profitability Enhancement

Strategy for Customer, Product, Pricing and Innovation

We work closely with aspiring small and medium scale companies helping them materialize the most important management aspiration and turn their strategic vision into tangible action plans, committing ourselves throughout the transformation tenure assuring results.

We help develop a comprehensive and long-term product & pricing strategy for our clients based on markets and customer requirements. Our solution focused towards customer, product, pricing and innovation includes: -

- Identification of customer and market segments
- Customer acquisition strategy
- Designing products/services/solutions strategy to maximise the revenue and customer market share depending upon the strategic intent of the organization
- Channel and Distribution effectiveness interventions
- Pricing strategy throughout the product and customer life cycle
- New Product/ Service development to enhance customer and business value
- New Market Entry and Exit strategy
- Customer Engagement and Retention strategy
- Focused B2B and B2C interventions

We create robust business metrics and enhance organization’s capability to manage their customer and product lifecycles.

Retail Expansion & Franchising

Retail Expansion and Franchising is a unique service offering of Life Skills Consultants Private Limited.

Retail Expansion focuses on increasing the market footprint along-with the enhancement of bottom-line. Customer demand, market potential, cost of supply chain, product life cycle, inventory optimization, cash flow cycles, strategic outsourcing, and brand management are few levers, which makes for an effective retail expansion strategy.

The coupling of front-end expansion with the optimization of backend supply chain is one of our core areas of expertise, where we help clients to balance the entire value chain from supplier to end consumer.

We take a "deep-dive" approach to fine-tuning your retail growth strategy and develop specific concepts to help you gain competitive advantage within the retail marketplace.

What you get is a detailed focused and prioritized action plan that would serve as a blueprint for how to really take your retail store/customer touch point to the next level to help position it for future success.

Expansion of business through franchising is a complex task, which goes beyond just a robust financial model. The co-creation of entrepreneurship is the essence of franchising.

We help create franchise models and manage the entire documentation process till onboarding of franchisee. We help you standardize your operations to make the replicable with ease. We define the productivity metrics to ensure franchisees are engaged and reviewed for their performance. Standard operating procedures, automation and guidelines with systems driven customer and business data flow are key areas we specialize and provide our consulting services.

Working Capital Management

Business growth is directly linked to the efficiencies in working capital management.

We take a holistic approach to managing the end-to-end processes that influence working capital performance. Our expertise in inventory reduction and accounts receivable processes is based on the proven practices of world-class performance. Through the adoption of best practices, our clients are able to avoid the operational issues to yield substantial returns in service delivery, risk reduction, cost optimization and cash flow improvement while creating the liquidity to fund growth, product development, market expansion and other strategic initiatives. We carefully review all of the processes that drive working capital management as well as the strategy, policies and enabling technologies.